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Les Services Informatisés

Company | Mission Statement

Les Services Informatisés have been operating as consultants in construction estimating for more than 30 years and they hold of a certificate of accreditation as trainer, issued by Québec-Employment under the terms of Bill 90 on professional training.

Our expertise and our passion for this field enabled us to innovate by developing a kind of software which is sorely needed in this field. Our software is designed for small and medium-size construction companies.

Indeed, presently available software is generally too cumbersome and complicated and is badly adapted to the specific needs of contractors. Furthermore, this software is much too often at a price that places it out of reach.

We then took the challenge to find a solution to the growing needs of construction estimators. We have therefore designed, especially for you, some computerized tools that will simplify the preparation of estimates.       

We are Professionals For Grow Your Business!